Jan 2021

Replay:Webinar Series III: Loving our work in industries and organizations



Prof. Winton AU, Associate Professor, and Director of Graduate Studies in Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Department of Psychology of CUHK. Past-chairperson of Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, HKPS
Mr. Henry CHAMBERLAIN, Managing Director, HCC Global Ltd., Reg. Psychol., ACC. Past-chairperson of Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, HKPS and Past President of HKPS
Prof. Winton AU – The public order events and the COVID-19 are more than ripples in a pond. This talk will discuss how we shall capitalize on the good side and to avoid the pitfalls of their impact on our ways of work. 
Mr. Henry CHAMBERLAIN - Hong Kong residents are facing an unprecedented level of turmoil and uncertainty. COVID-19, political and social changes are two of the main drivers of that uncertainty. The uncertainty has an impact on all aspects of our lives, but specifically on our work life, career, and employment.  A recent study by the SCMP shows that HK residents fear job loss more than other countries. In this talk, I will explore the psychology of work, the psychology of uncertainty and help participants understand their situation and reactions to it. I will also share several powerful strategies and steps that you can take to future proof yourself and your career.  These steps are based on the psychology of work and will be relevant to you wherever you are in your career.