Career in Psychology

Psychology is a diverse field with many different career paths. In general, psychologists conduct research, serve as consultants in organizations, diagnose and provide clinical treatment, and teaching in disciplines related to mentality. Despite independent work, many psychologists cooperate with other professionals including physicians, lawyers, therapists, social workers, teachers etc.


Career in Clinical Psychology 

The scope of service for a CP is vast. The following is a brief summary of the major work setting:

  • Social Welfare Department (SWD) & Family Service of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  • Hospital Authority (HA) (including General Admission, Psychiatric Departments & Outpatient Wards)
  • Department of Health (Child Assessment Service, Student Health Service, Elderly Health Service, Family Health Service)
  • Rehabilitation Services (NGOs and service units under HA)
  • Correctional Services Department
  • Hong Kong Police

Careers in Educational Psychology

Educational psychologists in Hong Kong work in a variety of organizations providing Educational Psychology Services:

  • Education Bureau
  • Mainstream Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Special Schools and Special Education Centres
  • Tertiary Institution
  • Non-government Organizations Providing Educational Services
  • Private Practice

Careers in IO Psychology

IO psychologists work in all types of organisations in both public and private sectors, and across a variety of fields and industries. In Hong Kong, most IO psychologists work as external or internal consultants in the field of human resources and organisational development in the private sector. Some IO psychologists work in academic and research positions.


Careers in Counselling Psychology

In Hong Kong, Counselling Psychologists are employed in a wide range of settings, such as university counselling centres, private companies, primary/secondary schools, and non-government organizations(NGOs). They provide direct psychological services in health care settings (e.g., hospital, medical clinics) and work in collaboration with psychiatrists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists etc. Some Counselling Psychologists might also work as lecturers, researchers and supervisors in the social science discipline.