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11 Jul 2024

2024 Saville Wave International Accreditation Training

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Details of Activity

Title of activity:

2024 Saville Wave International Accreditation Training


HCC Global Limited

Name(s) of speaker(s):

Henry Chamberlain

Henry is an internationally experienced psychologist and executive coach, with a track record of successfully transforming CEOs and senior executives across Asia, Africa, Europe, the U.S. and Australia. His experience provides him with exceptional insights into the challenges of optimal human performance in a global context.

The various roles Henry has successfully assumed in his 25-year-long career – ranging from being a combat officer in the South African Defence Force to heading up global Selection for Standard Chartered Bank – have given him the ability to relate to people at all corporate levels and from all business sectors. His psychology training ensures added depth and understanding through the use of cutting-edge assessments and psychological approaches. In addition, as Fellow and two-time former president of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, Henry’s maturity and credibility makes him perfectly suited for engaging with senior executives and boards.

Brief content:

WAVE is a personality assessment developed by Saville Assessment. Founded by one of the founders of SHL, Peter Saville, WAVE is a new- generation personality assessment that is highly efficient, accurate, and succinct in predicting workplace behaviours. Harnessing the power of technology and psychology research, this assessment allows a variety of insightful reporting and is highly configurable for your needs. Whether using it for recruitment, talent development, coaching or talent audit, WAVE is always a helpful tool that provides profound and easy-to-
interpret insights. For more information about WAVE, you can refer to: https://www.savilleassessment.com

This 2-day intensive accreditation training is a certification course designed and delivered by HCC Global, one of the international partners of Saville Assessment. Through case studies, practices and interactive exercises, this training equips participants with all the essential knowledge and confidence to use, interpret, and give feedback with WAVE effectively and also learn how to apply WAVE to fit your purpose in your organisation. For more information and registration, please refer to this link: https://share.hsforms.com/1kB1Q6P1xTxqbWngFD7Jp-g2nj58. If you are interested but unsure, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Language : English

Psychologists, Counsellors, HR/talent management experts and anyone who is interested to put psychometrics into their professional repertoire

Date: 13, 14 July 2024
Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

To be announced



10% off early bird discount for registration before 13 June 2024;

Additional 15% discount for HKPS Members! (please provide your valid HKPS membership number upon registration)

Additional 15% discount for Bringing a Friend!

Deadline for application: 11 th July, 2024
Contact person:

Jack Wong

[email protected]