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14 Nov 2023

27 November 2023 - Low-intensity Psychological Services: Developments and Sustainability of Local and International Practices

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Details of Activity


Title of activity:

Low-intensity Psychological Services: Developments and Sustainability of Local and International Practices

低密度心理治療: 在本地及國際的實踐經驗與未來發展


Jockey Club eGPS Psychological Support Project,

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (https://www.egps.hk/)

Name(s) of speaker(s):

Professor Patrick W.L. Leung

Patrick W L Leung is a Research Professor and Director, Graduate Studies in Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He had been a former Head of the Department. He is a clinical psychologist by training and had worked in a local hospital for 10 years before moving into academia. His research foci have been in child and adolescent psychiatric disorders, such as ADHD and ASD. In recent years, he has expanded his research interests to psychological assessment and clinical trials. He has published more than 150 journal articles.


Dr. Amy Kwok

Dr. Amy Kwok has been working as a clinical psychologist in the Hospital Authority for more than two decades. She is now working as the Department Manager for Clinical Psychology Services in the Hong Kong East Cluster. She has been working closely with people experiencing different psychiatric conditions clinically and actively participating in local research.


Ms. June Ho

Ms June Ho Hoi Yee is a Social Worker at New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. She has been working at Integrated Mental Health Programme (IMHP) at the General Outpatient Clinic of Kowloon West Cluster of the Hospital Authority since 2011. She joined the first year of Low-Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Certificate course (LICBT) in 2018 and obtained the Practitioner Certificate. She has since been implementing LiCBT to people with common mental health disorders in outpatient clinics.


Ms. Karen Tam

Ms. Karen Tam has joined the Oasis - Corporate Clinical Psychology Services (CCPS) for more than a decade now. Being an experienced clinical psychologist, and the head of Oasis, Ms. Tam is responsible for steering the development of psychological services for HA staff, with the objective of enhancing their psychological wellbeing. In her clinical practice, Ms. Tam delivers various evidence-based treatments, utilizes a wide range of holistic orientations and techniques, as well as organizes related training courses to provide psychological support and professional interventions to staff who may be experiencing emotional, psychological distress or facing critical incidents (e.g. workplace violence, sudden death).


Ms. Gladys Yeung

Ms. Gladys Yeung is a clinical psychologist of the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. She offers psychological assessment, individual and group treatment for adults in community mental health setting. She has completed a certificate course on Low Intensity Psychological Therapy Training programme conducted by University of Exeter and a course on LICBT Supervisor Training conducted by Flinders University. She has been running LICBT service since 2016. She offers both case management and clinical skills supervision to LICBT practitioners.


Ms. Cheryl Ng

Ms. Cheryl Ng is a psychological wellbeing officer of the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. She provides low intensity cognitive behavior therapy for adults and teenagers with mild to moderate psychological distress. She also offers psychoeducation groups on insomnia and stress management.


Ms. Paula Redpath

Paula Redpath is the Discipline Lead Behavioral Health and Senior Lecturer in the College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University where she educates and supervises interdisciplinary health professionals in the delivery of low and high intensity psychotherapeutic treatments at the postgraduate level and with industry partners who deliver psychological care throughout Australia and internationally

Paula is a dual qualified Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker, who has worked in private and public clinical settings in community mental health services, acute and inpatient care and private practice for the past 20 years. Paula educates and researches in the areas of transdisciplinary clinical supervision, implementation of integrated therapeutic behavior change modalities, person centric health care implementation and stepped care service delivery.


Ms. Fiona Glover

Fiona Glover is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Medicine Public Health, Flinders University She has a key role coordinating the training and supervision in the Low Intensity CBT programs both within the university context and the broader mental health community and public health service sectors Her areas of interest include applications of low intensity CBT interventions to a range of mental health disorders and contexts Fiona has extensive experience in the education of registered mental health professional, non-mental health professionals and peers in evidence based psychological interventions.  Prior to working in Academia, Fiona worked as a mental health clinician (Mental Health Accredited Social Worker) for over 20 years in the delivery of focused psychological strategies within both the private and public sector, working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Primary Care, and Perinatal and Infant Mental Health programs Fiona is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Public Health looking at the barriers and enablers to the integration of Low Intensity CBT programs into existing primary mental healthcare systems.


Dr. Sigrid Salomonsson

Dr Salomonsson is a clinical psychologist, trained in Cognitive behavioral therapy, with a background in primary care, treating both children and adults with common mental disorders. Her focus has been on accessibility of evidence-based treatments by conducting research in clinical settings. Her thesis "CBT in primary care: effects on symptoms and sick leave, implementation of stepwise care and predictors of outcomes" was completed in 2018. Since then, Dr Salomonsson is head of a unit for Development & Implementation at the Center for Psychiatry Research in Region Stockholm. Later studies have explored and evaluated CBT in a blended format for Disruptive Behaviors, PTSD, anxiety and depression.


Brief content:

-         Summarize six years of development and achievements of the Jockey Club eGPS Psychological Support Project

-         Sharing of local and international developments in disseminating low-intensity cognitive behavior therapy (LiCBT)

-         Explore different modalities for implementing and sustaining LICBT within a stepped care model 

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Language of presentation:

Cantonese and English


NGOs and health services related to mental health and primary care




09:00 – 17:30 (HKT)


Online Symposium (Zoom)


Free of charge

Deadline for application:

23/11/2023 (Thursday)

Registration Link: https://forms.office.com/r/gyaQ888Ysi

Contact person:

Ms. Ariel Wong, Psychological Wellbeing Officer, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 3188-2550