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04 Oct 2023

1 Feb 2024 - 31 Jan 2025 - Trauma Education (Day1-4) online: Treating PTSD and Complex Trauma with Dr Leah Giarratano

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Trauma Education (Day 1-4) online: Treating PTSD and Complex Trauma with Dr Leah Giarratano

Trauma Education with Dr Leah Giarratano flyer

The flyer above includes author biography, program narrative, objectives and offerings


Talomin Books, Cairns Australia



Name(s) of speaker(s):

Dr Leah Giarratano B.A. (Hons.), M.Psych., D.Psych.

Leah Giarratano is a doctoral-level, Australian clinical psychologist who specialises in the assessment and treatment of, and professional training in traumatic stress disorders. Leah is also an author of fiction and nonfiction books, including seven books covering the assessment and treatment of psychological trauma and in the application of CBT. As a psychologist she has vast clinical and teaching expertise in traumatology, working clinically in this area in since 1995, across many trauma populations and utilising several treatment modalities. She has trained several thousand mental health clinicians in the treatment of PTSD and Complex PTSD internationally.


Brief content:

There is a difference in the best-practice treatment for PTSD and Complex PTSD. This program synthesises practical approaches from several modalities that are publishing positive outcomes for these clients and presents them using actual cases that will underpin your clinical practice in traumatology. The content is applicable to both adult and adolescent populations. The techniques will be immediately useful in clinical practice. The program will explain when exposure-based interventions are indicated and appropriate, and when other therapeutic needs must be addressed first.


Day 1-2 is dedicated to treating PTSD clients utilising a cognitive behavioural approach. Day 3-4 is dedicated to the treatment of Complex PTSD (survivors of child abuse and neglect/ prolonged interpersonal trauma) utilising the phase-based approach and incorporating current experiential techniques showing promising results with this population; drawn from Emotion Focused Therapy for trauma, metacognitive treatments, Schema Therapy, attachment pathology treatments, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.


After completing Day 4, you can complete four optional trauma case studies to help you apply the skills presented in the training. The trauma case study time commitment will require a total of 12 hours. Participation will improve your ability to formulate a case plan for trauma clients using the Day 1-4 skills.

The full four-day online program with optional case studies attracts 42 CPD/CE hours (or 30 CPD/CE for Day -1-4 program without case studies). Highly detailed, instructive manuals are provided for Day 1-2 (190 pages) and for Day 3-4 (171 pages).


Watch Leah Giarratano present an overview of:

Treating PTSD: Day 1-2 and 

Treating Complex Trauma: Day 3-4

Trauma Education: Day 1-4


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This program is intended for all graduate mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, occupational therapists, counselling general medical practitioners, mental health nurses, psychotherapists and social workers.


Day 1-4 Self-paced online with three months access is offered anytime on demand or commencing: 1 February 2024, 1 April 2024, 1 July 2024, 1 October 2024

Day 1-4 Livestreams online for Asia Pacific

14-15 + 21-22 March 2024 Livestream 9am-5pm AEDT (or 6am-2pm HKT)

20-21 + 27-28 June 2024 Livestream 9am-5pm WAST/HKT (for Asia)

5-6 + 12-13 September 2024 Livestream 9am-5pm NZST (or 5am-1pm HKT)

21-22 + 28-29 November 2024 Livestream 9am-5pm AEDT (or 6am-2pm HKT)

The same self-paced date offerings + similar livestream dates are planned for 2025

Day 1-4 Live in Auckland and Brisbane

6-9 August 2024 Auckland CBD 8:30am-4:30pm NZST

22-25 October 2024 Sydney CBD 8:30am-4:30pm AEST


Self-paced online participants can complete the program in their own time over three months with access to a scheduled livestream to complete or consolidate learning. A complimentary extension is available upon request if required.

Livestream participants will complete the four-day program over two consecutive days one week apart between 9am-5pm Australian Time or New Zealand time on the dates scheduled with three months access to the self-paced online program following the livestream to complete or consolidate learning.


Self-paced or livestream delivered online


$1,390 Australian Dollars (Visa or Mastercard preferred and payment is debited in Australian Dollars). Your fee provides access to both online modes (i.e., when you register for the self-paced mode, you are provided access to the next two scheduled livestreams)

Deadline for application:

Self-paced online participants can register anytime for on-demand, or weeks prior to 1 February, 1 April, 1 July, 1 October or in the month of commencement but will not start until printed materials are delivered by express post international.

Livestream participants must be registered a month prior in order to ensure printed materials are delivered before the livestream date

Contact person:

Joshua George (program coordinator) [email protected]